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Baby Led Weaning Cutlery Plates and Cups – Navigating the Dos and Don’ts

Embarking on the baby-led weaning journey is an exciting milestone for both parents and little ones. This approach to introducing solids empowers babies to explore various textures and flavours at their own pace, and to also make introducing food a little bit less stressful. But while getting ready to introduce solids, it’s not just about the food. Before you get started, have a think about the baby led weaning cutlery, plates and cups you plan on using and how they’ll improve your journey.

What is Baby-Led Weaning?

Baby-led weaning is a feeding approach that allows babies to self-feed solid foods right from the start. Instead of spoon-feeding purees, little ones are encouraged to explore a variety of textures and tastes through safe, age-appropriate finger foods.

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, having the right tools is essential. Baby led weaning is all about using cutlery, cups, plates and practicing safe eating practices. Our Baby Feeding Set is designed with 

the principles of baby-led weaning in mind, making the process not only mess-free but also convenient.

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Good First Foods for Baby-Led Weaning

As you venture into the world of baby-led weaning, consider introducing soft, easy-to-grasp foods like steamed vegetables, avocado slices, or strips of well-cooked meat.

The goal is to offer a variety of nutritious options, allowing your baby to experience different tastes and textures while developing essential chewing and swallowing skills. Start with long ‘finger’ shapes and as your baby improves their fine motor skills, you can start reducing the size to give your child a chance to practice their pincer grip.

And a little tip from a seasoned mum? Working towards those smaller foods as your baby grows more confident with chewing are a great way to distract your child when out and about and keep their hands and brains busy for a few minutes!

Baby Led Weaning and Choking Risks

Baby-led weaning is an empowering approach to introducing solids that encourages infants to explore a variety of textures and tastes through self-feeding. While it fosters independence and helps develop essential motor skills, concerns about choking are a common worry for parents. It’s important to note that, when practicing baby-led weaning, the risk of choking is not necessarily higher than with traditional feeding methods. To minimise this risk, parents should be vigilant about offering age-appropriate, soft foods, cut into manageable shapes.

Supervision during mealtimes is crucial, and parents are advised to educate themselves on the difference between gagging and choking. Gagging is a natural part of the learning process as babies navigate new textures and learn to chew and swallow. Maintaining a calm and informed approach, along with understanding the signs of readiness for solid foods, ensures a safe and positive baby-led weaning experience. We also recommend investing in an infant first aid course (regardless of the method you choose to introduce solids!) so you are certain you know what to do in an emergency.

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Tools for Success: Our Baby Feeding Cutlery, Plates and Cups

  • Suction Bowl:

Bid farewell to mealtime mess with a reliable suction bowl. Its stay-in-place design ensures a fuss-free eating experience, allowing your baby to focus on discovering new flavours without the worry of dishes sliding around. We recommend using a highchair so your child has a stable upright posture for eating.

  • Suction Plates with Lids: 

Save and store leftovers 

effortlessly with our suction plates, complete with handy lids. These plates not only help with portion control but also simplify reheating, making meal prep a breeze for busy parents. They’re also perfect for baby led weaning on the go!

  • Two Silicone Cups: 

Our versatile silicone cups are perfect companions for drinks, snacks, or side dishes. Their easy-grip design allows little hands to hold and explore, fostering independence during mealtimes.


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    Baby Led Weaning Cutlery: 

Our easy-to-hold baby led weaning cutlery is specially designed for little hands, making self-feeding a breeze. The ergonomic design encourages fine motor skill development while providing a sense of autonomy for your growing baby.

Safety First: Shapes that Matter

When it comes to baby-led weaning, safety is a top priority. Our feeding set features soft, rounded shapes, ensuring a secure dining environment. The suction bowls and plates adhere firmly to highchair trays or tables, preventing accidental spills and allowing your baby to focus on discovering the joys of independent eating (and hopefully less mess for you to clean up! We also recommend the use of our baby led weaning cutlery which allows your child to practice their hand-eye coordination (can they bring a spoon of yoghurt to their mouth smoothly?) and allows them some independence.  

Baby-led weaning is a wonderful and empowering journey that allows infants to take the lead in exploring the world of solid foods. By embracing self-feeding and encouraging independence, parents not only foster essential motor skills but also create positive associations with mealtime. Concerns about choking are natural, however being well-informed and adopting safety measures can significantly minimises risks. The key lies in offering appropriate, nutritious foods, cut into manageable shapes, and closely supervising mealtimes. As babies discover diverse tastes and textures at their own pace, baby-led weaning becomes not just a feeding method but a shared adventure between parents and their little ones. Embracing the mess, celebrating small victories, and relishing the joyous moments of discovery make baby-led weaning not only a developmental milestone but also a heartwarming chapter in the parent-child bond.

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